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You may be wondering about our name, The Crosshairs Foundation?

Three of the four founders are police officers in Oakland County, Michigan.
When a shooter looks through a scope or sights on a rifle, the crosshairs are lined up on a target.

The Crosshairs Foundation seeks to “target” local worthy causes in the area. The economy hit Michigan the hardest with mortgages failures and job losses in plant closures. Budget cuts are being seen in our school systems and now our schools cannot provide basic supplies to our students. Without adequate supplies, our children will not be able to learn the basics to graduate high school and college. The average college graduate makes over one million dollars more than a person who has a high school diploma or GED.

As police officers, we see what happens to people who fall on hard times or people who look for a quick fix to their situations. It’s hard to arrest good people who have gotten into trouble. It is times like these that we meet people who are too proud to ask for help and are willing to take risks to get food on the table or pay the light bill.

We also see victims of domestic violence who trusted their significant others for love and support, only to be paid back in violence. It takes courage and resources to leave the bad situation. Its not easy but it can be done. It is these people we wish to seek out and assist. By providing resources they desperately need, they also learn that love and compassion are still real words and real actions.

We are six individuals that, without God, are nothing. We recognize that the saying “It’s better to give than receive” is the key to life and prosperity. It feels good to help others and “pay it forward”. With that said, here are short biographies of our founders with philosophies.

Meet Our Board

Joe Miller


Marisa Miller


Stacy Swanderski

Vice President

Raymond Wiggins

Event Coordinator

Melissa Clark


Sangeya Wiggins

Public Relations