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The Crosshairs Foundation seeks to target organizations and causes in our community, to not only partner with, but assist in the struggle in today’s society in the areas of Education, Cancer Awareness, Disadvantaged Children, Domestic Violence, and Public Safety.

How It All Began

The Crosshairs Foundation was created by two police families with varying backgrounds. Most of them grew up in dangerous communites. Most of them grew up against the odds. Most of them left familiar places to new ventures. But all have used their backgrounds as lessons for life and now, all are respectful members of their community, living by the word of God. With this, they all want to give back to the community and truly effect change from within.

What We Do

The Crosshairs Foundation wants to target the issues that are affecting our community by partnering up with businesses and persons who share the same goals. Police Officers see the dark side of society on a regular basis, observing why people do what they do and it’s negative consequences. With that said, the Foundation wishes to focus on areas such as education, children, public safety, cancer awareness, and domestic violence.

How You Can Help

There are many areas in which the Foundation wishes to work in but we need your help. We are a fully recognized 501(c)(3) foundation by the IRS, and any contributions we receive are tax deductable. The Crosshairs Foundation will cheerfully accept your donation and put it to work for a worthy cause in our community.

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Many Thanks To Our Supporters