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Lucy Rodriguez, Secretary

Lucy was born and raised in Pontiac, Michigan. Lucy’s family was one of the original Hispanic families to move into Pontiac. She is the mother of 3 children and has several grand children. She has a soft spot for children and has a strong focus on their educational and social skills development. She works with kids on helping them in taking pride in their community and being productive citizens.

Lucy was a police / fire dispatcher for 24 years for the City of Pontiac. Lucy has also worked for Latin Affairs / Human Services prior to becoming a dispatcher for the city. While working for Latin Affairs, she focused on preparing the paperwork for the various case workers who helped with translation, housing and food for Hispanic families that were moving into the area. She also helped coordinated major events such as Latin festivals and Christmas programs for the poor who focused on children and families.

Lucy brings a broader viewpoint to the Foundation as well as years of experience and knowledge. She works with disabled children and finds enjoyment when working with worthwhile causes. She has had friends and family that have battled against cancer therefore she focuses on events and activities that will help her support the cause to find a cure.

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